Rehab - Habits and fixes

9/23/2019 Blog

As for me, I Love that feeling I get on a Sunday when I’m worshipping God and I’m in his presence.

I feel like there’s no other place I’d rather be, I just want the worship to continue indefinitely.

I do often wonder what that would look or feel like. The truth is if I want that feeling all the time I can have it. I just have to consciously make that happen. So how can I make it happen? How do I just cut away chunks of my life...and habits I enjoy? How do I disconnect myself from the things that give me momentary pleasure ? Do I want to be that boring person? Surely I need a life outside of church?

So, I’m suppose to be out of touch with everything that is not Godly? This is real sacrifice ya’ll! Let’s keep it real! Giving up the things my flesh really wants? This is super hard , but lately I find myself making decisions about what to watch or what not to watch. Choosing different types of music to listen to. I think about the conversations I engage in and the people I surround myself with (this is rehab y’all ).

I've heard people say, “Music is my life, I don’t know what I’ll do without it.” Really though? I love music, but personally speaking I definitely think and act differently the more I commit to listening to Secular music. I love rap, hip hop and some other stuff in between. I like me some Kendric L, Y thug and Travis S. I like these artists in spite of their conflicted nature and messages. Their music strikes a cord in me, it could be because they feed desires and emotions that perhaps been laying dormant waiting to be reignited. I do love my HBO shows “not gonna lie” I do some Empire, Insecure, being Mary Jane...just to name a few. They are all very exciting but the point I’m making is, I was hooked on them and the thought of disconnecting? It was peek out here!!”

I knew they were not edifying to my spirit, but I made excuses ! I continued listening to secular music because occasionally I played some gospel in between to balance things out. sacrificing those momentary joys and fleshly things, and substituting them for spending time with God, in His word, entering into His rest, this is NO WAY easy! But now I’m no longer taking beatings from the enemy, I am on the offensive, every day I engage in battle because I love God and he’s given my the victory.

The Lord reminded me that we have a helper. So of late, I have been asking the Holy Spirit to help me (very slowly mind you,) withdrawals symptoms and all. I desire to withdraw from those habits and fixes that satisfy my flesh and do nothing for my spirit. I have cut back and I’m cutting off the damaging content that feeds into my spiritual system . This is now becoming a No Entry zone. I’m making room for my God. I'm cleaning house and in turn God is polishing me up, my gifts and talents; He’s sharpening them and making a useful woman out of me. For the kingdom. For our God.