There is a war out there

9/23/2019 Blog

So I watched a film yesterday

...that was based on the life of someone most of us, if not all would have read or heard about in the news about two years ago if not more.

As we know Hollywood has to make a film on everything!

The film was about a young lady called, Bobbi-Christina who was the daughter of the late, Whitney Huston and bobby brown.

It starts off with the death of her mother and in between scenes she recalls memories of her and her mother, their struggles and joys. Bobbi-Christina eventually kills herself, allegedly by drowning.
It wasn't an amazing or mind blowing film but it made me think about a few things.

This young lady was living in the shadows of her mother, not by choice but, this was just how her mother had raised her. She didn't know herself, she had no idea 💡 who Bobbi-Christina was, she didn't love herself, she thought she was ugly along with so many other insecurities she had. This young lady was Whitney's trophy if you like, her best achievement. Now, they loved each other unconditionally because they were mother and daughter, I’m sure we all understand that bond we have with our kids.

Bobbi-Christina was like that much loved pet (Chihuahua) you carry around everywhere you go, always cooing over because that's your baby 🍼 but in turn that baby provided comfort and companionship for the owner/mother, she made her feel a little less alone in the world 🌎 and less threatened by the media.She gave her more confidence to be out in a world she struggled to exist in.

Witney was so broken that all she could pass onto her daughter was that same brokenness. She would give her daughter compliments in the hope to soothe her lack of self esteem and insecurity, but when her mother died, this young lady was lost, naive, scared and very invisible. Without her mother to carry her around and tell her she was beautiful she continued to walk in other people's shadows until she could do it no more.

This reminded me that our children do not belong to us, we are merely custodian over them, if we have any queries over that matter we can look at;

Psalm 127:3
Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from him.

So what are our responsibilities as parents other than feeding, clothing, loving them and keeping them safe?

Proverbs 22:6
Train up your child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

We are Christ's army are we not? The territorial army, I'm sure we are aware, are always recruiting and training their soldiers for battle. As christians we should be doing the same. We should be preparing our children to follow our commander and chief and not us.

There is a war out there. Lack of preparation produces casualties. Thankfully we have a commander and chief who is willing to teach/ train us and our children if we only just invite him in and submit . Let’s invite God in people, even when it comes to the smallest of matters. He is big enough to handle them.

Isaiah 54:13
All your children will be taught by the Lord and great will be their peace.

How truly awesome👌🏿

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